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About Standard Motor Products (SMP)

Standard Motor Products, Inc. manufactures and distributes replacement automotive parts in the United States and internationally. The company operates through three segments: Vehicle Control, Temperature Control, and Engineered Solutions segments. The company provides components for the ignition, emissions, and fuel delivery systems, such as air injection and induction components, air management valves, regulators and solenoids, exhaust gas recirculation components, fuel injectors and related components, fuel valves, ignition coils, connectors and sockets, modules, pumps, relays and fuses, starting and charging system parts, and vapor and purge components. It also offers electrical switches and actuators; chassis and drivetrain sensors, such as anti-lock brake and vehicle speed sensors; fluid level sensors; pressure sensors comprising tire pressure monitoring; temperature sensors; sensors for advanced driver assistance systems; battery cables, pigtails, and sockets, as well as various electrical wire, terminals, connectors, and tools for servicing a vehicle's electrical system; and spark plug, coil on plug boots, and ignition system accessories. In addition, the company offers AC system components that include compressors, air conditioning repair kits, connecting lines, heat exchangers, and expansion devices; parts that provide engine, transmission, electric drive motor, and battery temperature management; thermal management products, sensors, switches, power distribution, electrification and electronics, injections and fuel delivery, ignition and emissions, and clamping devices for commercial and light vehicles, construction, agriculture, power sports, marine, hydraulics, and lawn and garden sectors. It serves retailers and distributors, original equipment manufacturers and their suppliers, system integrators, and original equipment service part manufacturers. The company was founded in 1919 and is headquartered in Long Island City, New York.

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