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About Prestige Consumer Healthcare

Prestige Consumer Healthcare Inc., together with its subsidiaries, develops, manufactures, markets, distributes, and sells over the counter (OTC) health and personal care products in North America, Australia, and internationally. The company operates in two segments, North American OTC Healthcare and International OTC Healthcare. It offers analgesic powders under the BC and Goody's brand; diaper rash treatments and skin protectants for babies under the Boudreaux's Butt Paste brand name; sprays and lozenges to relieve sore throats and mouth pain under the Chloraseptic brand; eye care products that provide relief from redness and itchiness under the Clear Eyes brand name; at-home removal of common and plantar warts under the Compound W brand; and Debrox for ear wax removal. The company also provides dental guards, floss picks, interdental brushes, dental repair and kits, and tongue cleaners under the DenTek brand; Dramamine for motion sickness relief; enemas and other laxative products under the Fleet brand name; Gaviscon for upset stomach; cough drops under the Luden's brand; Monistat for yeast infections in women; Nix for lice and parasite treatments; feminine care products, including washes, cloths, and sprays under the Summer's Eve brand; TheraTears for dry eyes; nasal saline sprays and washes under the Fess brand name; and Hydralyte for oral rehydration. It sells its products through mass merchandisers; and drug, food, dollar, convenience, and club stores, as well as e-commerce channels. The company was formerly known as Prestige Brands Holdings, Inc. and changed its name to Prestige Consumer Healthcare Inc. in August 2018. Prestige Consumer Healthcare Inc. was founded in 1996 and is headquartered in Tarrytown, New York.

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