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About Accton Technology

Accton Technology Corporation researches and develops, manufactures, and sells network communication equipment in the United States, Europe, Taiwan, rest of Asia, and internationally. It offers computer network system products, including hardware, system software, network application software, and network workstations; wired and wireless land area network devices, such as switches, and wireless base stations; customer premises equipment; and optoelectronic communication subsystem that comprises optical network, optoelectronic communication module, and fiber optic repeater. The company also provides wireless local area network; wireless user's loop systems; internet of things (IoT) systems which consist of IoT gateways/controllers, multi-sensors, applications, and hybrid-cloud servers; and smart network interface card. In addition, it offers millimeter-wave AP, bridge, CPE; 5th generation cellular and enterprise small cell base station; and enterprise grade SD-WAN, virtual/universal CPE, as well as technical consulting and engineering design services. Further, the company offers information software and technology services, e-commerce apps, and advertising services; switching hubs and high-end network switches; and data center switches. Additionally, it offers carrier access solutions; software-defined wide-area network solutions; IoT integration solution; campus network solutions; and cloud data center solutions. Accton Technology Corporation was incorporated in 1988 and is headquartered in Hsinchu City, Taiwan.