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About Triumph Group

Triumph Group, Inc. designs, engineers, manufactures, repairs, overhauls, and distributes aircraft, aircraft components, accessories, subassemblies, and systems worldwide. It operates in two segments, Triumph Systems & Support, and Triumph Interiors. The company offers aircraft and engine-mounted accessory drives, thermal control systems and components, cargo hooks, high lift actuations, cockpit control levers, hydraulic systems and components, control system valve bodies, landing gear actuation systems, electronic engine controls, landing gear components and assemblies, cyber protected process controllers, main engine gearbox assemblies, geared transmissions and drive train components, main fuel pumps, fuel-metering units, primary and secondary flight control systems, and vibration absorbers. It also provides thermo-acoustic insulation systems, environmental control system ducting, and other aircraft interior components. The company serves original equipment manufacturers of commercial, regional, and military aircraft. Triumph Group, Inc. was incorporated in 1993 and is headquartered in Radnor, Pennsylvania.

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