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About Sphere 3D

Sphere 3D Corp. focuses on operating as a carbon neutral bitcoin mining company. It also provides data management solutions through hybrid cloud, cloud, and on-premises implementations directly and through its reseller network and professional services organization. Its products portfolio includes HVE-STACK high density server, which provides computer and storage appliance for the data centers; HVE-VELOCITY, a high availability dual enclosure storage area network that offers reliability and integrity for optimal data storage, protection, and recovery; HVE 3DGFX, a virtual desktop infrastructure solution; HVE STAGE, a server virtualization platform; and HVE VAULT, an appliance designed to handle requirements for backup and replication storage. In addition, it offers self-service and support services. Sphere 3D Corp. is based in Toronto, Canada.

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calendar iconOctober 16th, 2021