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About SOL S.p.A.

SOL S.p.A. engages in the applied research, production, and marketing of technical and medical gases in Italy and internationally. The company offers oxygen, nitrogen, argon, hydrogen, carbon and sulphur dioxide, acetylene, nitrous oxide, gas mixtures, high purity gases, food gases, and gaseous and liquid helium; gas for electronics; and ammonia and combustible gases for industrial use and liquefied natural gas. It also provides oxygen therapy, home mechanical ventilation, and aerosol therapy services, as well as the diagnosis and treatment of respiratory sleep disorders; services for artificial nutrition, insulin therapy with pumps, and immunotherapy, as well as services for the treatment of pain and Parkinson's disease; home healthcare and social care services; telemedicine and digital services; and healthcare aids. In addition, the company provides medical devices; training services; InfoHealth SOLution, a web platform that allows to control plans, coordinate, and manage the activities; electromedical equipment services; hospital hygiene and environmental monitoring services; and ambulance management services. Further, the company designs and develops bio banks; supplies technical gases; offers pre-and post-natal diagnostic screening services; develops diagnostic systems; researches, develops, produces, and markets products for research, diagnosis, and clinical application in the hospital, environmental, veterinary, and food sectors; and bioshipping services, as well as provides transfer, storage, and handling services of biological samples. Its products are used in the chemical, electronics, iron and steel, metal, engineering and foodstuff industries, as well as in environmental protection, and research and healthcare sectors. SOL S.p.A. was founded in 1927 and is headquartered in Monza, Italy. SOL S.p.A. is a subsidiary of Gas And Technologies World B.V.

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