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About Precipio

Precipio, Inc., a healthcare solutions company, provides diagnostic products, reagents, and services in the United States. It provides diagnostic blood cancer testing services. The company offers IV-Cell, a proprietary cell culture media that enables simultaneous culturing of four hematopoietic cell lineages; HemeScreen, a suite of robust genetic diagnostic panels; ICE-COLD PCR, a proprietary and patented specimen technology that increases the sensitivity of molecular based tests; and COVID-19 antibody tests. It sells ICE-COLD-PCR technology kits to bio-pharma customers. Precipio, Inc. has collaborations with academic institutions specializing in cancer research, diagnostics, and treatment. The company is based in New Haven, Connecticut.

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  • Employees: 55
  • Marketcap: $20.76 Million USD

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December 7th, 2020