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About National Energy Services Reunited

National Energy Services Reunited Corp. provides oilfield services in the Middle East and North Africa region. The company's Production Services segment offers hydraulic fracturing services; coiled tubing services, including nitrogen lifting, fishing, milling, clean-out, scale removal, and other well applications; stimulation and pumping services; primary and remedial cementing services; nitrogen services; filtration services, as well as frac tanks and pumping units; and pipeline and industrial services, such as water filling and hydro testing, nitrogen purging, and de-gassing and pressure testing, as well as cutting/welding and cooling down piping/vessels systems. This segment also provides production assurance chemicals; integrated project management projects; artificial lift services; and surface and subsurface safety systems, high-pressure packer systems, flow controls, service tools, expandable liner technology, vacuum insulated tubing technology for steam applications, and engineering capabilities with manufacturing capacity and testing facilities, as well as sources and treats water for oil and gas, municipal, and industrial use. Its Drilling and Evaluation Services segment offers drilling and workover rigs; rigs and integrated services; fishing and remediation solutions; directional and turbines drilling; drilling fluid systems and related technologies; wireline logging; slickline services for removal of scale, wax and sand build-up, setting plugs, changing out gas lift valves, and fishing and other well applications; and well testing services to measure solids, gas, and oil and water produced from well, as well as rents drilling tools. This segment also provides oilfield solutions for thru-tubing intervention; tubular running services; and a range of wellhead products, flow control equipment, and frac equipment. National Energy Services Reunited Corp. was incorporated in 2017 and is headquartered in Houston, Texas.