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About Berner Kantonalbank

Berner Kantonalbank AG offers banking products and services to private individuals and corporate customers in Switzerland. It offers savings and payment accounts; mortgages and financing products; business and investment loans; real estate and individual financing products; and retirement accounts. The company also provides investment products and solutions; pension solutions; insurance and guarantees; capital goods leasing services; bank cards and credit cards; and asset management services, including strategy consulting, portfolio optimization and simulation, investment advisory, investment funds, and securities accounting services, as well as trades in stocks, bonds, derivatives, foreign exchange, and money market instruments. In addition, it offers online banking services. The company was formerly known as Kantonalbank von Bern and changed its name to Berner Kantonalbank AG in 1991. Berner Kantonalbank AG was founded in 1834 and is headquartered in Bern, Switzerland.

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